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Loving Our Neighbors Who Are Experiencing Homelessness!!!!


Yesterday, Purpose For Life Outreach team went and served about 35 people who are Experiencing Homelessness, We were blessed to give out snacks to many people on Nicollet Avenue, the number of Homeless is rising in Minnesota. Thank you, Sarah for your Donations of snacks of Tuna snacks, granola bars & much more. Thank you to all of You who have supported & donated, food, toiletries, Financial Donations, clothes & prayers for PFL Outreach. The need is great, check out the information on my page that We shared about the Homelessness problem in Los Angeles, San Francisco and around the Country in The United States. The man sleep on the ground was in Minneapolis!!!!!


Outreaching Today, Purpose for Life Outreach Center gave out 40 McDonald's Hamburgers & McChicken Sandwiches, snacks & chilled bottle waters. Keep us in Your prayers as we serve those Experiencing Homelessness


My Nephew, Jerry & I served those Experiencing Homelessness this morning, with sandwiches, chips, waters & Love, we told them that Jesus loves them & several agreed & thanked us for the food, my nephew made all the sandwiches, thank you Jesus for teaching us to SERVE & HELP OTHERS!


Today, Purpose for Life Outreach team, including, Min. Sarah, served about 65 -70 Remnants of those Experiencing Homelessness, we gave out 40, Mcdonalds Cheeseburgers & 20 -25, Tuna & cracker snacks & 50 Granola bars & waters. Today, was a Kingdom Day for Serving.

Purpose For Life Outreach Saturday! I want to Thank My Awesome Nephew, Jerry Swingler, who has helped our ministry for 7 years, by serving & supporting the Homeless & a Special thank you to My teenage Great nephew, Sincere, for helping us serve those Experiencing Homelessness, I am so proud of you. I want to Thank Minister Sarah Shannon also for All her years of Supporting her community by helping those who have experienced homelessness & those who have been challenged by drug addiction & domestic abuse. If you ever desire to Donate, you can send your donation to $winston59, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal, Winston/196, I want to Thank everyone who has donated throughout the years, clothes, toiletries and finances, I want to Thank All of our Team members, I Honor You All, Pastor Mary Winston!!!


This person is housed by the Library on Hennepin!! The others have now moved tents on Nicollet, it started as one tent, now it's about 10 or more, when the city take them down, the people move to another location that's vacate, where do they GO for shelter when they don't have nowhere to sleep each night.??? Father Father Help, STAY PRAYFUL DAILY, some of the people are Adults, Teens & Young Children.


Outreaching Today ! We gave out McDonald's gift cards, Purpose for Life Outreach! You also can help Us reach hundreds & thousands of those Experiencing Homelessness by Donating daily, weekly or monthly. Contact us. or you can donate or @ $ winston59, Zelle, PayPal, Winston/196 or Venmo. Kingdom Blessings

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