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Bridges of Hope Leadership Academy Logo

Bridges of Hope Leadership Academy is an innovative approach to Leadership, We work on the inner being of each professional student. Our goal is to reach the heart of each leader to enhance and help birth creative, authentic leaders of integrity!!!! 


Key Facts about Bridges Of Hope Leadership Program:

  • Bridges of Hope began operations in 2005 at Sumner Library in North Minneapolis with 25 students. 

  • Bridges of Hope: Is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. 

  • Bridges of Hope have graduated 400 students, 14 married couples, and 8 mother and daughter teams that have Graduated.

  • Bridges of Hope is a 6-week Leadership Development Program.


Mission Statement:

Bridges of Hope Leadership Academy provides support by helping individuals to develop and pursue their Personal & Professional goals. Program participants will receive guidance to Restoring their Hope, Overcoming obstacles, Discovering their personal gifts, and Gaining a new sense of purpose for their lives.



  • Renew Hope and Resiliency 

  • Enhance the creative spirit within individuals.

  • Restore self-worth, overcoming oppression, poverty, and inadequate education.

  • Recognizing skills-sets and guide individuals towards fulfilling their Dreams. 


Bridges of Hope's goal for the next 2 years is to develop New & Innovative Community programs & workshops in the years 2021 -2024. We hope to bridge the gap of separation & division among our communities in the Metropolitan communities, with young & older adults of color. We will empower individuals to accomplish their life goals and help individuals move towards their Goals, Passions, and Destinies.

Whom we serve:

  • Individuals who are at the place of in-between in their careers.

  • Individuals in Women and Men Support Programs.

  • Professionals who are in need of additional Leadership Development Training.


  • Completion of assignments 

  • Consistent Attendance

  • In-session participation

  • Breaking the Cycle of mindsets of Poverty & Inadequacies. 

  • Most importantly the setting, attainment, and achievement of goals. 


  • Develop Leadership Skills

  • Use Positive methods for thought processing.

  • Measuring self-expression.

  • Model proper leadership etiquette. 

  • Guide proper self-expression.

  • Eliminate negative habits.

Fees: Tuition for 6 weeks of Leadership Development Training is $300.00

Visioning Classes & Workshops:

Men of Standards

Discipleship group

The Golden Girls: Women 50 & older

Men of The "In between street & Knowledge & Wisdom

I am free to be me: ages, 6 -10, 16-18 years old

Young Men of Valor: 10-13 years old

Women of Promise 25 - 100 yrs. old

Sisterhood Circle: 18 -35

Pearl's & Purity 12 -18 years old

The True Joshua Generation

Girls & Boys 16 -25 years old

The Gentlemen's Club: 18 -75 years old


Students of Excellence

Committed to Modeling Leadership! 

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