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Dr. Mary Winston LLC

Dr. Mary Winston is a 21st Century Woman of Business & Entrepreneurship. Her professional career is in Philosophy, Leadership Development, & Life coaching. Dr. Winston has been Consulting for 25 years, she specializes in Leadership Training, Women & Men Empowerment services, Youth Empowerment Development, Staff Development, Motivational Speaking, & Church Leadership Training. Dr. Winston has worked 30 years in Social and Human Services, she also has traveled abroad, but desires to travel more nationally and internationally. She loves her Gifting of Leadership Strategist, Empowerment, and Teaching. She equips individuals to pursue their Purpose, Goals, and Destiny. She believes in every person there is a hidden leader within.

She also has spoken professionally at Community Agencies, College Institutions, Correctional Facilities, and Churches. She has facilitated many workshops and Training throughout the Metropolitan communities and the country. Many of her Topics range from Sexual & Rape abuse, Empowerment, Domestic Abuse, Cultural Awareness Development, Systematic Racism Training, Chemical Dependency, Professional Enhancement Training, Youth Development Training, Relationship Issues Development, Grief and Loss support groups, and Ministerial Training. Dr. Winston's motto is: God is her C. E.O. (Chief Executive Officer). Marketplace Entrepreneurship is her greatest entrance into the lives of change in our World. Dr. Winston believes movement in the mind has to be the driving force of everyone's life every day to pursue your goals, passions, and purpose to live a productive life as a citizen of earth.

Dr. Mary Winston is also a proud mother of 3 purpose-driven children, 2 awesome grandchildren, and 1 beautiful great-great-granddaughter. 

Professional  Life Coaching Services


Personal Life Coaching tuition is due at the first greet and meets session. Professional Agency pricing and rates are discussed at our first meeting. Leadership Development Training is also discussed at our first meeting. Meetings & Workshops can be virtual.

Contact our Office for Individual Life Coaching Rates & Hours. 

Leadership Development Classes will begin January 2024.

Coaching & Mentorship will begin in the Spring of 2024.

Weekly Individual coaching sessions will strive to help students:

  • Set Goals

  • Review weekly Progress.

  • Support Students in obtaining their goals.

Women of Honor Workshop
IMG_20191231_192901_916 (1)
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Women of Power Workshop
World Peace Leadership Conference New York City
Leadership Conference New York City
Leadership Conference New York City
Youth Workshop 21st Century

To develop positive, successful people, look for the gold, and not the dirt!

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